ColorAlti 2
Firmware Updates

Firmware Version 1.6 (2/10/22)
Made freefall graphs less susceptible to burbles (smoother and less spiky than before).

Firmware Version 1.5 (2/21/21)
Addressed occasional logging of car rides in mountainous areas.

Firmware Version 1.4 (11/15/20)
Addressed issue of altimeter occasionally momentarily going into canopy mode during freefall when burbled.

Firmware Version 1.3 (11/11/20)
Extended the amount of time one can be in a holding pattern in an aircraft before the altimeter zeros.

Firmware Version 1.2 (11/9/20)
Fixed small bug related to occasionally getting stuck in ascent mode when traveling, thus saving battery.

Firmware Version 1.1 (11/7/20)
Made preset selection deaf-friendly: light changes color and flashes a number of times corresponding to the selected preset.

Firmware Version 1.0 (3/16/20)
Original firmware.