FDS Logbook
skydiving, tunnel, BASE
$20 per year

The United States Parachute Association has deemed FDS Logbook to be in compliance with the standards for logging skydives outlined in the Skydiver's Information Manual. FDS began development of FDS Logbook in early 2019 in an attempt to create an elegant way of viewing data from FDS altimeters. In the course of development, we ended up adding significant social media capabilities to the Logbook. We see FDS Logbook as a tool to help unite our tight skydiving community and help one another better understand what we do in the sky. In such a way, we can improve safety in skydiving and have more fun at the same time as augmenting our knowledge. All FDS logging altimeters come with 365 days of free use of FDS Logbook.

Key Features
  • Compliant with USPA logging requirements
  • Use in any web browser on computers or mobile devices
  • Multi-sport cloud-based logging solution
  • Log skydives, wind tunnel sessions, and BASE jumps
  • Automatically log jumps using FDS altimeters and the FDS Altis app
  • Displays all logged data from FDS altimeters
  • Add friends or students and view their recent activity
  • Add students to keep track of their progress and edit their logbook
  • Tag friends or students in jumps or sessions
  • Jumps or sessions occurring contemporaneously are automatically displayed as linked jumps or sessions in one’s own logbook when a friend or student is tagged
  • Add unlimited YouTube or Facebook videos or Instagram pictures to any logbook entry
  • Keep track of your skydiving, tunnel and BASE statistics
  • Get verifying signatures on your skydives for pursuing licenses and ratings