Firmware Updates

Firmware Version 3.3 (7/7/22)
Fixed problem where numbers would occasionally not completely clear on the altimeter, which resulted in less clarity in the altitude display.

Firmware Version 3.2 (5/3/22)
Enabled altimeter reset in aircraft above 500 feet without losing altitude. Note: It is normal to see altitude readings above zero for a minute or so after this update.

Firmware Version 3.1 (4/29/22)
Extended length of time aircraft can be in a holding pattern and improved reliability of pressure sensor.

Firmware Version 3.0 (2/10/22)
Made freefall graphs less susceptible to burbles (smoother and less spiky than before).

Firmware Version 2.9 (10/16/21)
Fixed a logbook bug caused by the previous update (altimeter would crash upon viewing last jump info during ascent).

Firmware Version 2.8 (10/12/21)
Extended battery life significantly; altimeter's battery now lasts a couple of months instead of a couple of weeks in normal mode. Put in an error screen "PRESSURE SENSOR FAILED" for when the pressure sensor fails.

Firmware Version 2.7 (7/23/21)
General improvements in stability.

Firmware Version 2.6 (7/13/21)
Made it so that DigiAlti automatically returns to the altitude screen after 10 seconds of looking at the general info screen (date/time, ascent rate, etc.) or logbook during ascent when no buttons are pressed.

Firmware Version 2.5 (6/20/21)
Updated the library used to control the LEDs to address occasional intermittent behavior.

Firmware Version 2.4 (4/17/21)
Fixed a bug where some settings would be written over upon pressing the "Disconnect" button on the FDS Altis app followed by resetting the altimeter or using Deep Sleep Mode.

Firmware Version 2.3 (4/12/21)
Fixed a small bug where the open altitude of a hop and pop jump would occasionally be indicated as 0 feet or meters.

Firmware Version 2.2 (3/11/21)
Added support for simulated descent in the FDS Altis app (app must be updated as well).

Firmware Version 2.1 (2/21/21)
Addressed occasional logging of car rides in mountainous areas.

Firmware Version 2.0 (1/19/21)
Addressed a Bluetooth issue caused by the previous update.

Firmware Version 1.9 (1/18/21)
Addressed occasional issue of LightBar going off and not coming back on.

Firmware Version 1.8 (1/8/21)
Smoothed out the display of information and fixed an issue where the altitude indication would occasionally be missing numbers when the altimeter returned to an ascent mode (e.g. after a hop and pop). Also fixed an issue where the lower info bar would momentarily disappear upon returning to ascent mode or switching between canopy and freefall mode.

Firmware Version 1.7 (11/15/20)
Addressed the issue of occasionally appearing to "ascend" while in freefall.

Firmware Version 1.6 (11/14/20)
Addressed issue of altimeter occasionally going into canopy mode during freefall when burbled, or when mounted at an angle particularly susceptible to burbles.

Firmware Version 1.5 (11/9/20)
Added Deep Sleep Mode (activated by continuing to hold down both buttons for four seconds after entering Bluetooth mode), which enables battery life of up to five months. Fixed small bug related to occasionally getting stuck in ascent mode when traveling, thus saving battery.

Firmware Version 1.4 (11/8/20)
Improved battery life. Extended the amount of time one can be in a holding pattern in an aircraft before the altimeter zeros.

Firmware Version 1.3 (10/19/20)
Addressed altimeter sometimes staying in ascent mode (displaying altitude) longer than necessary on the ground.

Firmware Version 1.2 (10/16/20)
Addressed LightBar occasionally going out and display sometimes not refreshing properly on ascent above 1,000 feet. Fixed negative numbers for descent rate under canopy, and corrected wrong firmware number appearing under Info in the FDS Altis app.

Firmware Version 1.1 (10/7/20)
Fixed the altitude offset feature not working.

DigiAlti Flash Eraser
This reformats the flash chip in DigiAlti. Following uploading this, users need to upload a firmware file (found above).