SonoAlti G2V
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does SonoAlti G2V have all capabilities of SonoAlti G2?
A: SonoAlti G2V has all capabilities of SonoAlti G2 except for the logging functions. SonoAlti G2V only logs the last jump you did.
Q: Can I create my own sounds for SonoAlti G2V?
A: Absolutely, but they need to be in the correct format. You can add up to 70 seconds of your own audio. Detailed instructions for adding one's own sounds are provided in the manual.
Q: Can the built in speaker play the spoken announcements and notifications?
A: No, the piezo speaker works like that in a standard audible and can be programmed like SonoAlti G2.
Q: Does SonoAlti G2V come with any external speakers or earphones?
A: No, in order to use the voice capabilities of the altimeter, additional audio hardware needs to be purchased that can connect to the 3.5 mm audio port on the altimeter.
Q: How exactly does the audio work on SonoAlti G2V?
A: Basically it is almost like two audibles in one that can be used simultaneously. You have a speaker component (a piezo speaker) just like a standard audible that can be programmed like SonoAlti G2, but then you also have the option of adding headphones (or a Bluetooth speaker—there many options) to the unit. Altitudes, speeds and additional notifications can then be given by voice as well. One nice thing about this is that if you decide not to use the spoken announcements and notifications on a jump you can still create a preset with just alarms to be used with the internal speaker, using it like a regular audible.
Q: What is the advantage of this type of altimeter?
A: These devices are excellent for building general altitude awareness skills. Hearing a spoken altitude while simultaneously associating an altitude picture trains your eyes as well as your timing. Sometimes we are very unaware of how fast we are actually lose altitude on a skydive.
Q: Can I set the altimeter on the way to altitude?
A: Yes, one can select presets by holding the top button. One can also use the FDS Altis app in the aircraft (not recommended) as long as Bluetooth mode is off before exiting the aircraft.
Q: How many jumps does it log?
A: SonoAlti G2V only logs a single jump that can by synced to Q: How exactly does the audio work on FDS Logbook.
Q: Does SonoAlti G2V have GPS?
A: SonoAlti G2V does not have GPS as that would reduce the battery life greatly.
Q: What helmets does it fit?
A: SonoAlti G2V fits almost any skydiving helmet that has an audible port.
Q: Is SonoAlti G2V suitable for student use?
A: SonoAlti G2V can indeed be used to enhance a student's altitude awareness, but should only be used with the permission and under the supervision of a current instructor officially rated by a national parachuting organization such as the United States Parachute Association.
Q: Does my mobile device need to be connected to the altimeter for it to work?
A: No, in fact, Bluetooth mode must be off for the altimeter to work.
Q: Do I need Wi-Fi (or an Internet connection) to connect to the altimeter?
A: No, but a Wi-Fi signal is necessary to log in to FDS Logbook and sync to the cloud.
Q: Why do my freefall speed graphs look so spiky?
A: SonoAlti G2V (and all barometric altimeters) read altitude based on air pressure. This means that if you change body positions, or are flying in someone's burble, there will be some inconsistencies in altitude readings. These inconsistencies cause the spikiness in the vertical speed graphs. Even the most advanced barometric altimeter in the world would be susceptible to this issue. If you are using the device purely for data tracking, the cleanest data is usually obtained with the altimeter located on one's ankle.
Q: Is SonoAlti G2V water resistent?
A: SonoAlti G2V is highly water resistant, but not waterproof.
Q: Is there a differentiation between ascent, canopy and freefall alarms?
A: Yes. SonoAlti G2V differentiates between the three types of alarms and announcements: ascent, freefall, and canopy.
Q: I notice some deviation between my wrist-mounted altimeter and my SonoAlti G2. Is this normal? Which is correct?
A: Yes. Because barometric altimeters are subject to wakes and burbles, their placement can affect their readings. Which is closer in accuracy will depend on the type of jump you are doing and how you have the altimeters mounted. In most cases, the deviation is not larger than a couple hundred feet at the very most. If the deviation is more, see whether the altimeters are at least synchronized during ascent in the plane and go from there. If they are synchronized in the plane or under canopy but not in freefall, then the placement of the altimeters is certainly affecting their synchronization in freefall. Altimeters placed in a wake will read higher than those in clean air. So if you are, for example, sit-flying or doing a tandem, it isn't an unlikely possibility that your altimeter is being subjected to a significant burble.
Q: Does Freefall Data Systems LLC collect data from its customers?
A: Nothing other than the information required to ship and provide a warranty to our customers. We respect our customer's privacy: Freefall Data Systems LLC's philosophy is that if a customer bought our product, then the data gathered with it should belong to them.