List of Sounds with Examples
SonoAlti® has 64 different types of alarms that can be used. Although one can use any alarm one wishes, certain alarms (those higher-pitched ones) are intended to be freefall alarms and others are intended for canopy or ascent because of their acoustic characteristics. In the table below, a check indicates which alarms were originally intended for what purpose; a red check () indicates that this alarm is one of the default alarms. Swoopers might consider using alarms intended for freefall when swooping, or increasing the canopy alarm volume due to the high wind noise experienced while swooping. The 63rd alarm is silent so that one can insert silence in between freefall alarms for those not wanting the alarms to run together. The examples given use the default alarm pitch and tempo settings of 4.0 kHz and 100%, respectively.
# Name Freefall Canopy/Ascent Listen
1High Long Beeps
2High Medium Beeps
3High Short Beeps
4High Very Short Beeps
5Upward Sweep
6Falling Beeps
7Stilted Falling Beeps
8Shimmering Major 3rd
9Falling Major Third Siren
10Falling Siren 48-TET
11Punctuated Falling Beeps
12Shimmering Octave
13Fibonacci Modulo 21 Alarm
14High Random Scramble
15High Wedge Alarm 8-TET
16Reverse High Wedge Alarm 8-TET
17High Wedge Alarm 24-TET
18Reverse High Wedge Alarm 24-TET
19High Wedge Alarm 96-TET
20Reverse High Wedge Alarm 96-TET
21Fast Alarm Narrow
22Slow Alarm Narrow
23Fast Alarm Wide
24Slow Alarm Wide
25High German Siren
26Shimmering Minor 3rd
27Futuristic Siren High
28High Beep With Vibrato
29Falling Major 3rds Siren
30Ascending Major 3rds Siren
31Mid-Range Medium Beeps
32Mid-Range Whistle
33Mid-Range Beacon
34Futuristic Siren Mid-Range
35Northern Mocking Bird Call
36Common Nightingale Call
37Mid-Range Random Scramble
38Mid-Range Sweep
39Low Flatline
40Low Long Beeps
41Low Medium Beeps
42Low Short Beeps
43Low German Siren
44High Harmonic Sweep
45Low Harmonic Sweep
46Dies Irae
47Gesualdo Moro Lasso
48Bach WTC
49B-A-C-H Motif
50Schoenberg Op. 25
51Berg Lyric Suite
52Ring Around the Rosy
53Row-Row-Row Your Boat
54Three Blind Mice
55Low Alert Signal
56Low Eerie Motif
57Whole-Tone Scale
58Minor Scale
59Octatonic Scale
60Perfect 4th Warble
61Ultra-Low Beeping Alert
62Ultra-Low Medium Beeps
64Speed Tracker